Colour and Gloss Measurement for Opaque Solid Surfaces

Control of colour and process control for wood, ceramic, metal, plastic, and flooring

Colour and gloss measurement of opaque building materials

Portable colorimeters, benchtop spectrophotometers, and glossmeters for the measurement of colour and gloss for wood, ceramic, metal, plastic, and flooring

Architects, designers, and builders utilise a variety of materials in developing buildings and environments. Whether or not materials are selected primarily for mechanical properties or visual effect, aesthetics commonly remains an important consideration. Colour difference is more noticeable on large surfaces, which is often the case in building materials, so suppliers aim to control processes and product quality to ensure that satisfaction is high, and rejects are low.

Colour and appearance control can help companies control processes and provide a competitive advantage by improving the consistency of the finished product.

Konica Minolta Measuring Instruments help implement control solutions throughout the design, specification, formulation, manufacturing, and quality control of materials. Regardless of the material, whether wood, ceramic, metal, plastic, or hybrid products, implementing colour measurement throughout development and production offers organisations control and consistency over their products. Traceable colour data can be used to reduce subjectivity from the specification, communication, and approval of products, building trust with customers and improving the perceived value of products and services.
Our spectrophotometers and colorimeters are manufactured to the highest standards, to provide you with accuracy and traceability alongside innovative features like a built-in display and operator wizard. A portable spectrophotometer such as the CM-26d allows operators mobility and flexibility whilst maintaining traceability and industry leading inter model agreement with other instruments in the supply chain.
Through our partnership with Rhopoint Instruments, we offer a number of advanced gloss and appearance measurement solutions, including devices for measuring Rspec, surface haze, DOI and RIQ. The close-tolerance IQ-S glossmeter offers maximum accuracy and resolution in all gloss applications.
Konica Minolta's team of specialists offers the expertise from hundreds of installations within this field, successfully leveraging measuring instruments and software to assist our customers and their supply chains in improving quality and reducing waste. Our extensive network of authorised service facilities offers swift repairs and provide traceable calibration of Konica Minolta measuring instruments year-round.

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